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Desert Road

The Journey

After 10+ years of providing mental performance training to military and sport...COVID happened.  Watching students struggle to regain confidence in a field that was already difficult to navigate was tough.  We all lost work.  Every time I was able to help a student get a job interview or prepare them for the field, it was incredibly rewarding.  That's when things changed.  Although I still enjoy mental performance consulting, my aim is to provide the real-world support I wish I had when I left school.  That has become the new mission behind The Mental Performance Institute.  Preparing the next generation of professionals with the skillsets to navigate this field with confidence.


Helping you remove the objections before they happen

We create so much of our own obstacles when we leave school.  Why don't people buy into what we are doing?  Why does it seem so difficult to find jobs or start a business?  

That is because in academics we are taught to reflect inward on the psychological theories and models, quickly losing perspective on the situations that require our support.  Leaving us ill equipped to meet our clients where they are at.

So, that is why I wanted to provide focused reflection in key skills that we need to be effective.  Helping us better organize our knowledge and establish sound processes for working with individuals and groups.

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