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Sport Tactics

Player development doesn't need to be a guessing game

Training Philosophy

Our entire philosophy is rooted in teaching athletes to slow down and establish intentions.  By doing so, we are teaching athletes how to draw a more direct line between training and competition.

I provide coaching services as well as my featured Mindset Program.

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Featured Program

The Mindset Program

How to train and compete

My mindset program is intended to provide a blueprint for athletes and coaches to recognize the mindset they want to have while training and competing.  Based on routines, this program helps simplify the common demands around learning and competing 

The program is delivered in a simple, three-phased approach.

Phase I

Establish Intention

It all starts with your mindset.  In Phase I, we highlight the differences between training and competing.  Helping athletes establish essential training and competition routines.

attitude (10).jpg
competency (17).jpg

Phase II

Establishing Routines

In phase II, we look closely at practice/training routines and game day routines.  Ensuring routines are properly aligned to the goals we want to achieve.

Phase III

Skills Training

Now that routines are aligned with how we need them to be, we can now implement essential skills to help manage our attention, energy, and learning during and around competition.

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Program Details

  • Six Core Lessons

  • 4 Mental Skills

  • Routine Template Resources

  • Skills Tip Sheets

  • Coach and Player Versions


Cost:  Base Price $795 which comes with post program consultation

***Additional support options available

Other ways to

Work with me

In addition to my featured program, I have auxillary programs and services to help support your needs.  Whether your a coach looking to integrate psychology into your coaching practices or wanting more hands-on support with your athletes, I can provide thoughtful approaches to meet you where you are at.


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Staff Consults

Great for coaching staff's who like to take concepts and integrate them into their programs.  I cover a wide range of player development needs including assessment usage.

Pricing based per training session:  $375 per staff session

Performance Training Programs

I provide a variety of focused training programs to support key performance and development needs.  Anything from resiliency to leadership, or advanced skills training...I've got you covered.

Pricing based on support options around programming.

Coaching Services

Tailored attention to your athletes individual or team needs.

Pricing per session:  $195/Session

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