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Training Courses

I provide short, focused courses that help you organize your knowledge and establish sound consulting processes. 


Courses are available on-demand or live.

Consulting Course

  • Overview.  This course is designed to help you organize your existing knowledge, processes, and resources towards working with individuals and teams.

  • In this course, we will review key knowledge areas, assessment and intake tools, as well as service delivery methods.

  • This course is intended to support both licensed and unlicensed professionals.

What you'll walk away with

  • Organized knowledge set. You'll walk away with a template to organize all of the theories, models, and approaches towards high performance.

  • Consulting philosophy. You'll reflect on what high performance means to you, identifying key factors that can help guide how you present and market yourself in the public.

  • Consulting process.  You'll identify essential resources such as intake tools and assessments to help round out your overall approach to individual and team services.

Program Development Course

  • Overview.  This course is intended to help you understand the intersection your knowledge and client needs, to establish powerful training objectives.

  • In this course you will review key components for how to reflect on topics and establish training objectives.

  • You will review differences between large scale mindset programs and specialty programs

​What You'll Walk Away With

  • A design process.  You'll walk away with a process for designing both individual training sessions/workshops, as well as programs

  • An intimate knowledge set for developing strong learning objectives 

Building a Business 101

  • Overview.  This course walks through key external processes associated with business strategy, market research, and packaging of services, products, and support, including partnerships.

  • In this course, we will review key areas of consulting support and how your knowledge aligns to that.

  • This course is designed to support both licensed and unlicensed professionals shore up areas they may be light in.

What you'll walk away with

  • Process for understanding market research and branding. Looking closely at the similarities and differences between branding and direct marketing to optimize communication with intended client groups.

  • A process for establishing business strategy.  Establishing preferred service and support options and how to execute your business.

  • A process for evaluating strong partnerships.  Evaluating how to establish strong partnerships to provide increased client pipelines and community visibility.


No available programs
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