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Mindset Program and Assessment Tool

We partner with other professionals.


Our assessment and mindset program is intended to help elevate your existing business.  Both designed to be adaptable to your theoretical orientations and help you establish flexible programming to support your current client offerings.

You can choose to partner with us on either the assessment or mindset program or both.  The partnership process begins with an assessment of business goals, followed by a two-part training process.


I am not in the business of replacing what you do, but elevating it.

Cost:  Covers training + year one usage.  Each subsequent year is just an annual licensing subscription.

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About the Assessment

The Performance Index


Each domain represents a direct sphere of influence on how an athlete trains and competes.  The assessment was designed to identify key factors to help us design training options for our individual or group clients more easily.  Based on common challenges that coaches and athletes recognize.

The benefits to you

By having an assessment process as part of your portfolio, you can use this in the following ways:

  • Make it part of your intake/on-boarding process.  Helping you showcase a thoughtful process that illustrates an understanding of their needs and which mental skills can help support their goals.

  • Further refinement of your training.  Each domain can have an infinite number of techniques and strategies because the assessment questions are designed for you to use any theoretical orientation or intervention to support.

  • Develop programming.  You can develop focused lessons in each area.  On-demand or live, allowing for ease of scaling your business.

About the Foundations Program

Establish Intention

The Foundations program is an excellent compliment to the assessment tool.  Predicated on routines, it is designed to help consultants establish competition and training routines with their clients.  The foundations program raises awareness on the role of routines, our mindset, and what we need to raise our game.

The benefit to you

  • Flexible and sustainable programming.  Because the foundations program is based on routines, you can then come back time and time again with advanced skills training to implement within these routines. 

  • Never worry again about running out of content!

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How we begin

  1. We start with a discovery meeting to discuss business goals

  2. Conduct a two-part training session to train and then have you teach back

  3. Conclude with Q & A and then convert materials into your business branding

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Part I:  Business Goals


As part of looking at business goals.  We carefully review your existing service/program structure to establish fit for marketing and branding.

Part II:  Two Part Training

Training Process. 

I emphasize and train and teach-back model.  Providing plenty of time to ensure understanding of material and different applications.

Post Training

  • You are provided content that is white-labeled to match your company branding

  • Establish check-ins

  • Yearly renewals via subscription fee after year one training

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